I try to make blogcpp as flexible as needed. Here's what it can do (yet):

  • Markdown support: Write your articles and pages in Markdown, get HTML.
  • Theming support: You don't like either of the two available themes? Well, nor do I. Go on and make a better one!
  • OEmbed support: Just post an OEmbed-enabled link (e.g. Twitter or YouTube) and blogcpp will embed the media for you.
  • RSS feeds for new articles, tags and categories.
  • Configurable article permalinks.
  • Sticky articles: Just put Sticky: On on top of your article file.
  • Emoji support: Write :-) and get a real smiling face instead.
  • Commenting support: Even a static blog needs a community. 😉
  • OpenGraph support if you feel like sharing stuff on Facebook or whatever.
  • Syntax highlighting via highlight.js.
  • Plug-in support: If anything's missing, just write a script.
  • Article series: If you have articles which continue other articles, you can just add them to the same series and blogcpp will make them refer to each other.
  • much more is planned...

I hope you like it.

Tags: features