So here we are

If you can read this, you're browsing the very first public(ish) version of a new static blog generator named blogcpp. Of course a couple of things are still missing, but I'm making good progress.

The list of already done features includes:

  • Markdown support: Write your posts and pages in Markdown, get HTML.
  • Theming support: You don't like the default theme? Well, nor do I. Go on and do it better!
  • OEmbed support: Just post an OEmbed-enabled link (e.g. Twitter or YouTube) and blogcpp will embed the media for you.

Much more, including so-called important features like RSS feeds, is already planned. And the best thing of all is: You can easily contribute as blogcpp is free software! Go grab the source code on Bitbucket and start hacking away. 🙂

This ride will be fun.

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