Please welcome commenting support

I know, I know - you'd never replace your beloved WordPress by BlogC++ because all these static blogs don't let your users participate. Well, I just made your life somewhat harder: BlogC++ supports commenting now.

While we're heading towards BlogC++ version 3, I decided to finish its most shiny feature first. BlogC++ can automatically add Disqus, Isso, Hashover 2.0, Google Plus or Discourse comments now; all it takes is proper configuration. You can find all needed documentation in the blog.cfg-example file. For testing purposes, blogcpp.org is currently using Disqus comments. I can't promise that other commenting systems work fine (yet), testing is planned for a later time before the release of version 3.

Last, not least: uwe contributed CMake files for BlogC++. Compiling under Linux/Unix platforms should be notably easier now. Thanks!

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