Version 3 and a longer roadmap are released

Sorry for the long delay. I promise I had good reasons for it. However, I finally committed the final changes for blogcpp version 3 along with a new roadmap which gives me more time for the more complex features. The new release (also used for this website, of course) comes with a decent set of improvements:

  • OpenGraph meta data (e.g. for sharing links on Twitter and Facebook) are supported now. Please consult the blog.cfg-example file and the README for possible updates and match your configuration file(s) if you need the new extensions.
  • Comments for posts are officially part of the new release now. Enjoy.
  • The default theme is more responsive now, I just found and ironed out a problem for smartphones and I think we're good to go.

There will probably be more themes one day, but I'm horrible with web design. Feel free to contribute some. 🙂

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