Bugfix release: blogcpp version 4 is live

I have just tagged and released version 4 of the BlogC++ static blog generator. There were a couple of quirks to iron out, so the new release is mostly a bugfix release with a rather small set of new features, namely code highlighting and configurable permalinks.

Most major issues with the previous BlogC++ release - I am well aware that I randomly switch between blogcpp and BlogC++ in my nomenclature, you may feel free to call it whatever you like - were related to logic issues while generating the archives. I hope those are a thing of the past now. I also updated the included third-party libraries for the official release.

The next steps will probably include some more work on the default theme and slowly progressing in my initial roadmap; I'll try to get back to the list of planned features soon.

For now, please enjoy the update and contribute if you can. 🙂

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