Why blogcpp is not on GitHub

From the beginning of BlogC++, people were wondering why I had not joined the large GitHub train where everyone and their mother seems to be these days. Well, I remember a time when everyone was on Sourceforge ... what exactly was Sourceforge again?

Recent events show me that my disagreement with many of GitHub's staff decisions was always the right path. Starting from March 01, GitHub demands to waive any attribution rights for uploaded content which is basically destroying Copyleft licenses. While I myself gladly refrain from using non-free licenses like the GPL and I try to license all of my personal software under the terms of the WTFPL, I can see why this is not something anyone should be willing to support further.

I know that the visibility of blogcpp.org - sorry for the recent development delays, I promise version 4 will come eventually - might not be large enough to make me a relevant speaker on this matter, but I can just try and advise any open source developer to refrain from any publishing on GitHub while they try to undermine your efforts to keep control over your rights on your own source code.

Thanks for listening.

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