blogcpp version 5: Of threads and platforms

After a rather long time without a new official build, version 5 of the BlogC++ static blog generator has been tagged and released today. While development had started with only small changes (the default theme does not use a third-party JavaScript library anymore), there has been a lot of action over the past few weeks. Additionally to the usual set of random fixes, the new release gives you a nice bunch of new features:

  • BlogC++ will try to make use of all available CPU cores. By default, generating your site will probably be somewhat faster now.
  • The Markdown parser has been improved, supporting the Markdown standard better than before. (There are still TODO entries for it though. Please be patient with me.)
  • With some support by Martin, I finally fixed building BlogC++ with Clang and on non-Windows platforms. The new version has been proven to build on Debian GNU/Linux as well as Windows 10, FreeBSD support is planned to be mature for version 6.
  • The default Windows build which you can grab from the download page does not have a DEBUGLOG anymore because you probably won't need it. Of course, you can still compile your own BlogC++ build with a verbose debug log on your own.

Please give this version a spin and tell me if you like it. 🙂

Addendum: Martin provides a precompiled blogcpp binary for Debian GNU/Linux "Stretch" and "Buster" on his site. It's in German, but you should be able to find the link.

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