Templating changes

Some of you might have noticed that blogcpp's NLTemplate engine was not really the best choice: it lacked features like conditional blocks, requiring workarounds like catch(...) { block.disable(); } in the C++ code; it was not really compatible with other popular template engines, making it harder to port existing themes; it collided with blogcpp's threading a lot; and its upstream development had mostly been halted years ago.

In order to fix all that, I decided to replace blogcpp's template engine by inja for the next version. blogcpp.org is already running the new code while I'm cleaning it up. If you have created a blogcpp theme for your own needs, you might have to adjust it accordingly. blogcpp will try to give you helpful error messages in the non-silent mode.

Also, it may be easier to port your existing blog software's themes in the future. Feel free to contribute!

Categories: blogcpp announcements
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