Clang is (probably) supported now

Since there have been reports that blogcpp won't compile on non-Windows machines, I made the switch to Clang for my own builds. Doing this, I - actually, clang - found a number of issues which were perfectly accepted by the Visual Studio compiler but failed to work with Clang.

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Bugfix release: blogcpp version 4 is live

I have just tagged and released version 4 of the BlogC++ static blog generator. There were a couple of quirks to iron out, so the new release is mostly a bugfix release with a rather small set of new features, namely code highlighting and configurable permalinks.

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Why blogcpp is not on GitHub

From the beginning of BlogC++, people were wondering why I had not joined the large GitHub train where everyone and their mother seems to be these days. Well, I remember a time when everyone was on Sourceforge ...

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Syntax highlighting!

Among the things missing in BlogC++ was support for syntax highlighting. So far, you could only use standard Markdown to mark code blocks.

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about:blogs is gone for good.

Sad news, everyone: A number of unforeseen circumstances made us shut down the support board about:blogs, at least for a while.

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Version 3 and a longer roadmap are released

Sorry for the long delay. I promise I had good reasons for it.

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Responsive sidebars are better.

I know this was actually planned for a later version, however, I added some responsive support to BlogC++ just now. Sadly, I had to add some JavaScript code for this to work as intended, but I decided to use the UmbrellaJS library instead of a full-blown jQuery solution (or even vanilla JS) to make this as little painful for you and me as possible.

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Please welcome commenting support

I know, I know - you'd never replace your beloved WordPress by BlogC++ because all these static blogs don't let your users participate. Well, I just made your life somewhat harder:

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Happy World Emoji Day, Everyone!

Today, July 17, is the day of the annual World Emoji Day. A good day to start a blog with BlogC++ and its built-in emoji support.

Let's release version 2, shall we?

After a long(ish) phase of development, I proudly present the freshly tagged blogcpp version 2. Highlights:

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Emojis are supported now, hooray! 🙂

As it's (somehow) a state of the art to use emojis in 2016, you can use shortcodes in BlogC++ now to add them to your posts. Enjoy.

Change dates are now properly supported

Hi folks,

the release of version 2 of blogcpp is coming near.

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RSS feeds are live

Good news, everyone!

As you can see, blogcpp finally has support for RSS feeds, the first new feature of the upcoming version 2.

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So here we are

If you can read this, you're browsing the very first public(ish) version of a new static blog generator named blogcpp. Of course a couple of things are still missing, but I'm making good progress.

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